South OC Hybrid Homeschool

 An individualized and thoughtful learning experience.

South OC Hybrid Homeschool (informally referred to as SOCHH) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit learning center offering a hybrid homeschool model that combines the structure, organization, and peer collaboration of a traditional classroom, with the flexibility, creativity, and autonomy of a homeschool lifestyle. Since its inception in 2017, we have worked to create a cohesive homeschool alternative for families who need or desire a lighter, more flexible version of the traditional school and classroom setting.

South OC Hybrid Homeschool  is a secular program that celebrates diversity and strives for inclusion of all faiths, families, lifestyles, cultures, and races. All members of our community are treated with respect and dignity; all voices are honored, and all contributions are valued.

The History of SOCHH

Written by Founder and Director of SOCHH, Natalie Hustad 

If you had told me 15 years ago that I would homeschool my kids, I would have laughed. In preschool my son was charismatic, charming, and a friend to all, though had zero interest in letters, numbers or sitting still to listen. He could brilliantly take apart anything mechanical and put it back together. He could talk and comprehend at levels far beyond his age. His gifts, however, were not a standardized measure in any traditional school, nor did they help him check any of the boxes needed to be “kindergarten ready”, thus our homeschool journey began. It was always my intention to get him caught up so he could transition back into public school.

I started a co-op with like minded families and I began to discover there were more families homeschooling that were like ours. People we call unintentional or accidental homeschoolers, who keep waiting to catch their kids up to put them into public. My middle child went to public kindergarten and had a WONDERful experience, but she is the opposite of my son; she is leaps and bounds beyond her age and grade. Her public kindergarten teacher taught for 30 years and said “if you can homeschool them both through these little years why wouldn’t you?” She inspired the idea of a curated education for my kids. Read More

Here is a TED Talk that influenced the vision for SOCHH:

Programs SOCHH offers:

  • TK/Kindergarten
  • CORE & CORE Middle School
  • Arts & Innovations
  • L.E.A.P.S.
  • Summer Camps
  • Math Website