Change is a constant in the journey of life. It often arrives uninvited, demanding our attention and resilience.  It’s a testament to our ability to adapt, learn, and, most importantly, never give up!  When we open ourselves to the possibilities it brings, we find opportunities for growth, new experiences, and undiscovered territories. Change is an opportunity to build resilience and face difficulties head-on, armed with the knowledge that every hurdle is an opportunity to emerge stronger. These are lessons that we teach the students at SOCHH, but also the lessons we embrace for ourselves as staff and teachers at SOCHH.

We are so grateful that our model at SOCHH caters to all students, encompassing a diverse range rather than focusing on a specific set or group. My hope is that we become the haven you and your students not only deserve, but require, to flourish emotionally and academically. If you ever consider leaving, I hope it’s due to a genuine difference in philosophy and mission, not influenced by a changing season. SOCHH has had its ups and downs and we carry forward as an example for both our current and future students. So, we wade through challenges, and we actively course correct. More importantly, we’re building a framework. With the inevitability of change, we keep our focus on creating a strong foundation, on moving forward. We recognize the inherent value in what we do. Instead of throwing in the towel, we embrace the need to adapt and adjust to the punches thrown our way. The grass is greenest where you water it! 

In my perspective, our journey has just begun! We’ve transitioned from a co-op, to navigating the initial challenges of a small business, and have now evolved to scale up to our current model. This is merely Chapter 3 in our story, far from the end. I extend an invitation for you to stay and witness the transformative power of hard work and determination against all odds. Let’s discover the magic we can create together.


Natalie Hustad, SOCHH Director

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