Open to incoming 1st-8th grade both SOCHH and non-SOCHH students. Mondays 9am-1pm, offered in 32 week or 8 week sessions.

Just as we would not build a house without a solid foundation, we cannot expect a child to thrive academically without solid learning foundation skills. Our Foundations program aims to do just that — to address the diverse needs of our students by tapping into their strengths, addressing learning weaknesses, closing skill gaps, and developing a growth mindset. Students will participate in activities based upon their needs, family goals, and abilities.

We want EVERY student to reach their full potential and we recognize that there are roadblocks along the way: skill gaps, processing issues, social and emotional challenges, ADHD, stresses and anxieties, weak learning and organizational skills—to name a few. The Foundations class is an extremely intentional program designed to address these issues from the foundation up, and is based upon a comprehensive four tier approach. The goal is to target and address underlying roadblocks to success, not to merely provide a temporary bandaid. If your child is struggling to unlock his or her full potential, the best course of action is a proactive and preventative one! 

Foundations is based upon a four point structure:

  • Tutoring and Re-Teach: Small group instruction to address skill gaps, improve academic performance, learn information in an alternate format, work toward skill mastery, improve attitudes toward learning and boost academic confidence.
  • Cognitive Building Blocks: Activities to encourage the development of strong cognitive skills which students need in order to understand, absorb and recall educational content and include skills of attention, memory, processing and sequencing.
  • Learning to Learn: Activities to encourage 21st century learning skills such as organization, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, self advocacy, problem solving, and study skills.
  • Social Emotional Learning: Instruction and activities to encourage self-awareness, self-control, interpersonal skills, self-discipline, emotional regulation, growth mindset and positive social interactions.