Who are our Students?

SOCHH Middle School students are enthusiastic, curious, active, and eager to explore the world and to find their place within it. The SOCHH learning environment fosters a close-knit community where students feel comfortable and confident to engage fully in the learning process, grow as unique individuals, and celebrate each other’s successes. This program is ideal for students who would benefit from:

  • being met where they are academically
  • receiving a challenging curriculum presented through diverse modalities
  • solidifying the foundations for learning
  • mastering 21st century skills and academic success techniques
  • developing a growth mindset

How is SOCHH Middle School Different?

SOCHH understands that today’s world requires a multi-dimensional approach to the learning process. We present a 21st-century, skills-based approach to serve the mind’s of the students in favor of rote memorization and methodical curriculum. Student connection, strong foundations and cross curricular learning are highly valued! The middle school at SOCHH is designed to support students as they learn the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in the classroom, community and beyond.

On any given day, students rotate through classes that include Math, English Language Arts, Immersive Novel Study, Social Studies, Science and STEAM projects. Curriculum and instruction is presented in a way that closely follows the ICANN standards while taking time for exploration via project based learning, hands on activities, and learning stations. This varied instructional method allows students to utilize their strengths and actively engage in solving complex challenges.

Students are immersed in 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication skills, creativity, problem solving, perseverance, collaboration, information literacy, technology skills and digital literacy. Students receive implicit instruction in skills for learning: organization, project and time management, note taking, study modalities, and communication. This approach allows students to become confident participants in the learning process all while guided and supported by their skilled teaching team.

When do SOCHH Students Attend?

Students enrolled in the middle school program attend campus classes Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Additionally, SOCHH offers a Virtual Homework Lab where students can complete homework, receive teacher guidance, and ask questions.

How do Students Receive Additional Support and Learning Opportunities?

The overriding goal of the SOCHH Middle School is to ensure that each student is being met where they are across the board—that the needs of each student are being addressed holistically. Therefore, SOCHH offers several means of additional support and opportunities to encourage students to maximize their full potential.

1. Virtual Homework Lab: Lab is a time for homework completion, teacher guidance, questions and clarification, goal setting, project planning, and individualized support.

2. Monday Foundations: This program is designed to address the diverse needs of our students by tapping into their strengths, addressing learning weaknesses, closing skill gaps, and developing a growth mindset. Students will participate in activities based upon their needs, family goals, and abilities. Friday Foundations is a four tier model including tutoring/re-teach, cognitive skill building blocks, “learning to learn” activities, and social-emotional growth mindset skills.

3. Friday Arts and Innovations: Students will be immersed in a weekly theme and will travel through “innovation stations” with hands on learning projects, art instruction, learning lab, S.T.E.A.M. projects, “curiosity adventures,” and more. The overriding goals of this program are to generalize what is learned in the classroom to the “real world” through hands-on, meaningful experiences; to guide students as they develop deep content knowledge through the Four C’s (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication).

Is there a requirement for technology in middle school?

Yes, all students will be required to have a laptop with them everyday in class. We use a digital agenda and google classroom instead of curriculum books. It is the responsibility of the students to have and bring their laptops with them everyday. SOCHH does not provide laptops to students.

Are there any extra activities outside of the classroom for middle school students?

Yes, there is a middle school away camp at the end of each school year for students 6th-8th grade. This camp will be local and will last 2-3 days overnight. Additionally, students in 7th and 8th grade will have an opportunity to sign up for a longer exploratory camp in the Fall.

On campus, there is an exclusive snack bar for SOCHH middle school students. Students have the chance to earn SOCHH dollars in class and on campus for various reasons such as completion of homework, helping a teacher, being kind to classmates, showing leadership, etc. Students can then choose to spend their SOCHH dollars buying various drinks and snacks at the weekly snack bar.

As well, middle school does have a separate lunch area and recess to foster a more close knit class community. Middle school field trips are offered to students at various times throughout the year to offer off campus classroom bonding.