Thank you for considering South OC Hybrid Homeschool. We are so very pleased to offer our play-based TK/Kindergarten program to our families and the community.

The information included below is meant to be an overview of our TK/Kindergarten program. If, after reviewing the information, you have additional questions, please send inquiries to

Program Overview

  • Our play-based programs are its own separate program. See below for details of the breakdown.
    • Our play-based Kindergarten program is a 3-day program that runs T/W/Th from 9am-2:30pm.
    • Our play-based TK program is a 3-day program that runs T/W/TH from 9am-1pm.
    • Little Explorer Adventure is a drop off 1-day learn through play for 3 year old-5 year olds that are not quiet ready for TK or Kindergarten. It runs Mondays from 9am-1pm.
  • While we intend to enroll for separate TK and Kindergarten classes, the composition depends entirely on enrollment and the makeup on new students we get. In some years this ends up being a TK/K combo class. We will confirm the class makeup with families once rosters are confirmed.
  • To be Kindergarten eligible, all students must be at least 5 years old on or before September 1st. To be TK eligible, students must be 4 years old turning 5 years old within the first semester (Sept-Dec). Please reach out ( with any questions on eligibility. 
  • Our class size ranges from 10-12 students, depending on the academic and emotional make up of the class. 
  • Our focus is on physical, social, & emotional development, language & literacy skills, & learning through play! Children are naturally motivated to play. Our play-based program builds on this motivation, using it as a context for learning. In this framework, children can explore, experiment, discover, and solve problems in imaginative and playful ways. They also expand their executive function skills by practicing their ability to retain information.
  • Kindergarteners work to meet all the kindergarten ICANN standards through exploratory methods and hands-on learning. We DO NOT follow a formal curriculum, nor is instruction delivered in a traditional method of workbooks and assignments. Students are presented concepts in a gentle developmentally appropriate way and activities are purposefully and intentionally planned by the teacher to address standards. Each month generally features a kid friendly, exploratory theme that is supported by literature pieces, themed activities, and indoor and outdoor centers.
  • Please note: the first trimester is primarily focused on building and developing soft skills in the classroom. As the class progresses, teachers will introduce pre reading and writing concepts, as well as math terminology and foundational math skills, when they feel it is appropriate to layer on.
  • It is important to note that SOCHH is a not for profit learning center/homeschool program. We are NOT a school of record for our students. As the parent, you are the primary teacher for your homeschooled child.  Kindergarten is not a state requirement; schooling in California is not required till a child reaches 6 years old. At or before that point, families are responsible for annually enrolling their students in a homeschool charter or PSP, or filing their own PSA with the state. We are not affiliated with any specific schools but we are happy to discuss these options with families and can point you in the direction of programs and schools that current families utilize.
  • A typical day includes hands-on math, language arts, and science centers, literature, art, and STEM activities, mini lessons themed around holidays/seasons/cultural events, and learning about and practicing social-emotional soft skills in a classroom setting. TK and Kinder students have snack, lunch, and outdoor play on campus daily.
  • For both our TK class and Little Explorers Adventure, we need a minimum of 8 kids to start the class and we max out at 10 kids.
  • A note about TK students: Must be able to independently use the potty.
  • A note about Little Explorers Adventure: Must be potty trained and be able to navigate the toilet. Parents are welcome to stay nearby in the parking lot (not on the inner campus or play yard) to assist. No diapers.