Welcome to SOCHH’s Summer Intersession!

Please review options below and fill out ONE form for EACH STUDENT.

For questions or enrollment help, please email vanessa@southochybridhomeschool.com

*If you are interested in an ONLINE OPTION for Summer OR a Pre-K, TK/Kinder OPTION for summer, Please CLICK HERE TO ADD YOUR CHILD’S NAME TO THE INTEREST LIST!

SOCHH CORE is a 4-week program that runs Tue, Wed, Thur from 9 am-11 July 6-July 29

Our SOCHH CORE program can be thought of as a boot camp to strengthen grade level concepts taught in previous years and to jumpstart their learning for the upcoming school year! It is designed to help bridge the gap and slow the backslide that students often experience over the summer. Your student will be enrolled in CORE CLASSES based on their incoming grade, OR placed higher or lower depending on areas they might need to cover to fill any gaps and help them successfully make the transition into the 2021/22 school year. Students must enroll for all four weeks for planning and continuity.

***Fee: All returning SOCHH students who have re-registered for the Fall 2021 semester by April 1, 2021 are invited to attend SOCHH Summer Semester CORE CLASSES with waived class fees; you will just be asked to pay a $50 materials fee on your invoice. For NEW SOCHH families and families that are NOT SOCHH students the fee for 4 weeks of our SOCHH core program is $140 per student, plus a $50 materials fee.

SOCHH ENRICHMENT runs July 6-July 29 from 11 am-1 pm but families can pick whether or not they want to enroll in all 4 weeks or just pick 1 week at a time! These classes are mixed level elective courses taught by SOCHH teachers and will include theme based mini lessons and crafts, followed by some old fashion summer camp FUN like waterplay, relay games, and a talent show! These classes are optional and additional and families can pick and choose which weeks they would like to attend.

***Fee: Our SOCHH ENRICHMENT classes are available to both SOCHH students and non-students for $80 per week. SOCHH enrichment is a weekly program that families can choose to enroll in all or some of the weeks.  After June 1 the price jumps to $90 per week.

FULL SUMMER PROGRAM (BOTH CORE AND ENRICHMENT)- If you are interested in enrolling in the full Summer Intersession, both CORE AND enrichment from 9am-1pm all 4 weeks, there is a bundled, discounted rate of $320 for returning, re-enrolled SOCHH students or $460 for new-to-SOCHH and non-SOCHH students.

**We need a minimum of 8 students to run each class, and we will cap at 15 students.

Please select below which program you will be committing to enroll your students in. There is no payment due at this time; you will be sent an invoice from our billing department in April. All payments are non refundable and due in full to confirm enrollment in Summer Intersession.


Do I have to enroll in all 3 days and all 4 weeks for SOCHH CORE? Yes, the program is designed to build knowledge each week. 

Can I just pay for all 3 days and 4 weeks for SOCHH CORE and not attend one of the weeks? Please do not do that, your child will be frustrated and lost in their work on their return. 

Do I have to attend all 4 weeks of SOCHH Enrichment? No! You can pick which week(s) to attend. 

Do I have to attend all 3 days of SOCHH enrichment? While there is not change in fee for lost days and there are no make up days, you can certainly skip a day if you need to. 

Are there any discounts available? Pricing reflects early bird discounts for enrolling and making payments before June 1st. If you would like to sign up for all four weeks of BOTH CORE AND ENRICHMENT (all four weeks from 9am-1pm) there is a discounted rate of $320 for returning, re-enrolled SOCHH students or $460 for new-to-SOCHH and non-SOCHH students. There are no sibling discounts.

Do my students need any books? No, we will provide all of their materials

Is there lunch? Yes both the 9-11 session and the 11- 1 session have a built in 15 minute snack and recess period and the 11-1 session will have additional play time and fun activities. Please pack a snack

Is there a refund If I decide later I can not attend? No, a billing statement will be sent out the last 2 weeks of Feb and are due back and paid in full by April 1 to reserve your spot. If you are unable to attend for some reason your fees turn into a credit. If you are not a SOCHH family please only sign up if you are sure that you will be attending as their are no refunds given. 

How do I know what classes my students will be signed up for? Your student will be placed in the incoming grade with the teacher they have. The only exception will be students who need specific academic areas covered for the following year in which case they might be moved to a different class or teacher. 

Will I get a list of exactly what each class is working on for math and language arts? Yes we will post a list in the next 2 weeks of what areas of academics are being worked on. 

We do not attend SOCHH and do not plan on attending SOCHH but are interested in the SOCHH CORE what areas of math and language arts will be covered? We will post the list before Marc 1 of what is being covered. Check back here again. 

Do my students need to wear a mask? We will know before June 1 what the Orange County Department of Health requires for covid protocals for the summer

How many students in each class? Each class will have no more than 15 kids

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