Mrs. Miller with SOCHH Students after school.

Brianna, a former public school special education teacher, says this about her time teaching with SOCHH: “SOCHH is unique in the field of education for multiple reasons. The small classroom settings, the opportunities for personalized learning for every student, as well as the ability to meet the students where they are academically and move at their own pace are just a few reasons. The two and a half day program also seems to have a positive effect on the student’s motivation and engagement during the days they are at SOCHH.The smaller group options and opportunities for differentiated instruction (to the level of having students work within learning groups regardless of grade level) has been hugely beneficial to students who wouldn’t profit from these supports in public school unless they tested into a gifted or special education program. When working in a smaller group setting at SOCHH, students have more opportunities to learn through their strengths and interests as well as having time for repetition and review in areas that are challenging for them. This allows students more chances to take responsibility for their own learning as well as better understand how they can advocate for themselves within the classroom and out in the world.Overall, the students at SOCHH show a level of comfortability, especially after our Zero unit which allows for time to build rapport and understanding of how to learn together, that helps them find success academically, socially, and emotionally that does not exist in all school settings.”

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