The Iturzaeta Family

“SOCHH has made a big impact on my family and our children’s education. I have two kids who have different attitudes about learning and SOCHH was the answer for both of them. We went from struggling to even get out the door to our public school to happy attitudes and an eagerness we never saw before.”

This will be the Iturzaeta family’s 3rd year at SOCHH. They joined SOCHH in the 20/21 school year when their youngest was in 1st grade and their oldest was in 4th grade. When asked why they chose to attend SOCHH, Jessica (mom) said, “We were previously at a public school and the class sizes were too big and getting support became a big challenge.” She continues to say, “My eldest son was lost in the crowd and kept falling more and more behind. After covid, I became more aware of the problems and knew we needed to change. Our biggest reasons for picking SOCHH were the small class sizes and the more individualized attention that could allow my son to catch up in his academics.” 

When their kids came to SOCHH, they had just wrapped up remote learning during the first year of COVID. Ezra, their youngest, had to finish up his kindergarten year online. Jessica says, “My other son [Ezra] was in kindergarten when schools shut down for covid and fell very behind in reading.” She goes on to say how attending SOCHH has helped him catch up quickly in his academics and even allowed him to excel. When asked how attending SOCHH has impacted her older son, Louis, she says, “My son has a totally different attitude about school and has improved greatly. He is totally different in the mornings and not sick with dread about going into school. This is a bigger deal to us than the improved grades because his emotional well-being is so much better now.” Louis is currently in 6th grade in the SOCHH Middle School Program and thriving amongst his peers.  

Jessica concludes this interview by saying, “Because SOCHH is small, the staff is able to personalize what the kids need and help them succeed. Every teacher we have had has been amazing which makes such a big difference to the kids. It is truly an amazing program we are lucky to be a part of.” SOCHH is so thankful for families like the Iturzaetas to allow us to come alongside them in their children’s educational journey.

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