From left to right: Paiton (8th), Know (4th), Piper (2nd), Betty (PK), and Ellie (6th)

“The positive impact SOCHH has had on my family over the past two years is immeasurable. SOCHH has been able to be a place for my children to grow both academically and socially. SOCHH has been a safe haven for my children, a place they feel comfortable being who they are.” 

The Seader family, long time homeschoolers, first joined SOCHH for the 2021/22 school year. Experienced in the world of homeschooling, Jen Seader, enrolled her eldest 4 kids at SOCHH as a way to supplement their homeschool way of life. She states, “With five children at home it can be a little overwhelming to teach so many different stages in academic development.” She goes on to say, “We loved the three day a week model and felt like that fit our family lifestyle much better than a traditional brick and mortar school.” She says that her children, grades 8th, 6th, 4th, 2nd, and preschool, were craving a bit more structure when it came to schooling and that SOCHH has been just the place to provide that for them. 

When asked about how SOCHH has impacted her children personally, she says, “SOCHH has skyrocketed my oldest child’s confidence in ways I never thought possible.” She goes on to say, “My oldest has come out of her shell at SOCHH and has learned to participate and feel confident in her speaking abilities and academics.” 

This is the Seader’s second year with SOCHH, and while they could have chosen any way to educate their children, Jen concludes by saying, “I chose SOCHH because of the way I felt when I was there. I felt a sense of community and a sense of the joy and love of learning. I witnessed teachers loving children and encouraging children in a way I hadn’t seen very much in a public school setting. SOCHH has been a wonderful place for my children.” We love the Seaders and are thankful that they chose us to be a part of their family’s education. 

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