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While we are open to discussions, please note these must be things that SOCHH would be properly paying someone to do. As well, there are limitations within our bylaws as an organization. For example, parents who have students actively attending SOCHH can have no access to student files, finances, or SOCHH finances which leaves all of these services to be handled by outside third parties. In regards to other areas, such as teaching Art and PE, every year we have asked for a parent volunteer to commit to teaching those subjects for the entirety of the year and have yet to find one. A current area we are looking for a parent volunteer to fulfill would be as a part time preschool teacher Monday and Wednesday from 8am-2pm. It is a paid position and should a parent be hired, they have the option to choose if they want class fees and/or fundraising obligation to be deducted from their monthly pay. Please note, that while a parent might have these talents, it does not guarantee a position without proper vetting by staff. Applicants will be going through the same vetting process as any other candidate would be.

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