Category: 1- General Information

SOCHH is not in the business of trying to shake our families down for their class payments. We want to make sure that people register and enroll with a clear understanding of their financial obligations and a plan of being able to commit to it. That being said, life circumstances happen and we completely understand and want to work with you on that. If you need to delay or waive a payment, please reach out! We can only help if we know about so please please DO NOT IGNORE OUR EMAILS OR COMMUNICATION. We need to know immediately if you will have a delay in payment. In nearly all instances we can help find a fair solution. The reason we retain students from entering class for non-payment is because we have had parents in the past who simply do not pay and ignore our communications and they continue to come to school with no payment in place. We want to help if we can and when we know but we can not have families deliberately ignore their obligations.