READING & COMPREHENSION – We are proud to be a reading-focused program that strengthens each student’s reading and reading comprehension through a multi-method approach, including silent reading, teacher read aloud, and audiobooks.

Reading – especially read aloud – and listening to books has been proven to increase literacy and expand how children see and think of information that has been presented to them.  It also increases critical thinking skills and creativity, two attributes that foster success in a myriad of activities and subjects.

Each child will finish nine books (one per month) by the end of the year, with at-home read aloud encouraged as needed to meet that target and to build your child’s love for reading.

WRITING – SOCHH is also a writing-focused program and we teach age-appropriate writing skills to all students, preparing them with the fundamentals and advancing their knowledge.

Starting with our little ones in grades 1-2, we work not only on writing but also on introducing the children to LOTS of activities that sharpen their fine motor skills, including beading, knitting, Perler beads, and origami folding.   These activities create a fun and engaging way for the children to exercise those pencil grip muscles and learn other foundational writing skills.

For grades 3-6, we focus on writing for fun and writing to create!  These kids collaborate with the younger students and have opportunities to create a real published piece of literature, providing a stimulating and productive environment for all ages involved.

MATH – A key component of our learning center and enrichment is our dedication to being a math-positive focused environment. While math skills can vary widely from student to student, we are committed to reinforcing the belief that it is not just to be comprehended and enjoyed by certain types of learners but by all.  Math CAN be creative, fun, and understood based on how it is introduced to the child.

We believe in your child’s mathematical intelligence and understand that there isn’t just one way to tap into that intelligence.  It can extend BEYOND boring lectures and stagnant worksheets, and our lesson plans and daily math activities show children a stimulating, collaborative approach that we believe will engage them to learn and comprehend.  Mathematical fluency is an imperative for success in the fields of STEM and a foundation critical to a student’s path to college and career success and our teachers are well equipped and empowered to lead this development.

Our enrichment extends beyond language arts, math, and social studies to include dedicated time for weekly PHYSICAL EDUCATION and OUTDOOR ACTIVITY that strengthens and refreshes the body and mind for learning.

All students deserve a classroom experience and a learning community that arms them with core skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and social studies while promoting individual progress and self-confidence.  With small class sizes, a highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff, and learning programs tailored for educational growth, we are confident that you will find that environment here at SOCHH.

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If you would like more information on the program we offer, you can visit the K-6 Program page.

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